We get to know the couple, looking for those little magic moments. We get into the action, and dance with the crowd. We’re a fly on the wall when we need to be, but also ask questions and get to know your friends and family. We don’t pose people in an awkward way, and force them to do strange things. We’ll ask you to dance with each other or have you tell a joke to your partner, but nothing over the top or cheesy.

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Our Process

Our job is to help you find your voice so you can experience the day over and over again the way you want the story to be told. We do this by getting to know you during the planning process. The more we know about you, the more we can make your wedding day video unique.

When we start the filming process, we make capturing the day feel natural, so you can focus on having a great time. We love getting to know friends and family, and making everyone feel comfortable with being filmed. Trust us, we know it’s not easy.

After we get all the special moments, it’s up to us to use our creativity to piece everything together in the edit. We take the time to make the final film great. It’s entertaining and personal, not just what a cinematic wedding video is “supposed” to look like. This is where the story really comes alive.

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Love Story

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Watching your wedding film for the first time is a wonderful experience.

In addition to our stylized editing approach, we are always looking for new ways to experience your wedding. That’s why we also produce VR / 360 video captures of every major event. This gives you a forever front row seat to your ceremony, hilarious and heartwarming speeches, and anything else you want captured. We want you to be prepared for the future, so we’ve designed our deliverables to be timeless.

See The Work

The Future


The great thing about your position is that you have a lot of options for how you want to capture and tell your love story. You may have looked around at other NJ videographers and maybe have seen a wedding film or two out there that you like (or don’t like).

Our view on the matter is that you should go with your gut, and get the final cinematic wedding video you know you’ll be happy with. After all, most couples say not choosing the right wedding videographer is their biggest regret, and we don’t want that to happen.

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Are we right for you? We would love to find out! You can contact us via email or reach out for a phone call to discuss your options. We look forward to getting creative with you.